Basic Pharmacology is the studying of not only medicine, but also veterinary medicines, dentistry, nursing and pharmacy. Knowledge about chemical properties, sources, therapeutic uses and biological effect of drugs and determining of the effects of chemical agents on subcellular mechanisms all falls under basic pharmacology studies. Following is a brief look at some of the different subdivisions of Pharmacology.
Behavioral Pharmacology is studying drug effects on behavior. Topics will include psychoactive drug effects on drug addiction, sleep, wakefulness, memory, and learning abilities.
Cardiovascular Pharmacology is the effect that drugs have on a heart, regulating of cardiovascular function, vascular system, blood flow to vascular beds, arterial pressure and more related to the heart.
Biochemical Pharmacology uses biochemistry, cell physiology, and cell biology in the determination of drug interaction and influencing biochemical abnormalities in human disease.
Clinical Pharmacology studies involve pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in humans and the workings of drugs, interactions of drugs with other drugs and the effects it have in altering diseases. Researchers in clinical pharmacology determine the different responses found in different human beings using the same drug.
Chemotherapy research and develop drugs related to malignancies and microbial infections.
Molecular Pharmacology researches the biophysical and biochemical characteristics of the interactions between cells and drug molecules.
Veterinary Pharmacology studies drugs in health problems and diseases unique in animals.
Therapeutic Pharmacology focuses on effects and actions of drugs relating to biochemical, physiological, immunological, microbiological and behavioral factors that influence diseases.
Systems and Integrative Pharmacology researches toxicity and drug action.
Pharmacology Education studies have undergraduate programs, graduate degrees, professional degrees in Pharmacy, medical and veterinary schools and universities.
Neuropharmacology researchers study the effects of drugs on the nervous system and include the spinal cord, brain and all nerves which communicate within the body. Neurochemical disorders are probed in order to find drugs to treat specific disorders.

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